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Welcome to Stage 4 Deserves More!

Supplying support packs for women (and men) in the UK diagnosed with secondary breast cancer.
We also have a private support group, click on the link below to join us:-
We have regular (free) "treat" raffles where members can receive a gift voucher for a meal, spa treatment, book tokens etc...

We have set up this non profit organisation to send out support packs to people in the UK diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer. 

The packs include a booklet with helpful information such as, helplines, support groups, wigs/headwear, charities that offer emotional and financial support, competiive travel insurance etc

It also has a logo pen and notebook with several supportive gifts.

Whilst the packs are predominantly aimed at females they can also be adapted for male requests.

We also have copies of the book “MUMMY’S LUMP” a helpful book that explains and reassures younger children when there mummy has a breast cancer diagnosis. If you have younger children and feel this would be helpful to you and your family, please let us know when requesting your pack.

We also have a private facebook support group (there is a link above) or type in Stage 4 Deserves More Secondary Breast Cancer Support Group

We have regular (free) treat raffles within the group where members can receive gift cards for meals, spa treatments, book.tokens etc....

When I was diagnosed with primary breast cancer in February 2017 I was assigned specialist nurses, keyworkers, support packs, information, support groups etc etc.

However fast forward to a year later when I was sat in the cold clinical room being told I had treatable but incurable stage 4 cancer aged 35 there wasn`t a whole lot of support on offer. I almost felt I wasn`t worthy that I was now a lost cause...but that`s really not the case, people are living longer and better with stage 4 cancer and they deserve more!


What Stage 4 Deserves More does...

If you are in the UK and have been  diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer please get in touch and request a pack, family members and friends are also welcome to request on someone else’s behalf- the packs are free and sent through the post (UK only) 

Male packs available on request.

Contact us via the form at the bottom of this page. 

Or you can visit our Facebook page 


or follow us on twitter and Instagram...


How you can help...

At Stage 4 deserves more, we are raising funds and promoting initiatives to enable us to keep sending support packs and make sure nobody diagnosed with incurable breast cancer feels alone.If you would like to hold a fundraiser for us that would be much appreciated and we can support you to do this by providing posters, leaflets, collection boxes etc  There is a DONATE button above which is linked to our go fund me page or you can click below to donate via PayPal.
All donations and fundrasing efforts are greatly appreciated and 100% goes to the supplying and postage of the support packs.
Stage 4 Deserves More has a private support group which has regular (free) treat raffles where members can receive gift vouchers for meals, spa treatments etc....Any businesses that could help by donating one of these treats please get in touch it would be very very much appreciated.Alternatively if you would like to help fund these treats when you donate please state "TREAT" on your donation as all donations go towards providing the support packs.


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